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The Seven Deadly Sins APK

Are you ready to enjoy dynamic combat, breathtaking animations, and a riveting story true to the original?

Download the amazing cinematic anime game, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, right now!

Features of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

▶ A brand-new turn-based RPG! A novel approach to combat! A strategic combat system utilizing skill synthesis.
Skills with the same star rank upgrade to a higher rank when they're next to each other!
Feel the thrill of battle with each turn in the dynamic combat system.
Combine cards and use them to trigger an ""Ultimate Move"" to decimate opponents!
Create your own strategy by combining the unique skills of [The Seven Deadly Sins] characters.

▶ Cooperate with friends to take down a giant demon in Death Match mode, and enjoy exciting and diverse PvP content.
Enjoy Death Match, 2-player cooperative content played in real time!
Defeat demons with a friend before time expires to defend the kingdom!
An Arena where you can compete with players all around the world awaits.
Find your own strategy to win!

▶ Build your very own team in the [The Seven Deadly Sins]!
[The Seven Deadly Sins] heroes assemble!
Dress up your characters in exclusive, never-before-seen outfits!
Hairstyles and accessories galore to suit your customization needs!
Check out the new looks of [The Seven Deadly Sins] characters!

▶ The original world recreated in detail - the animated story beautifully reborn!
The continent of Britannia has come to life! The Holy War that ended 3,000 years ago begins anew.
Experience high-resolution 3D animated cutscenes and prepare for the Holy War alongside the characters of [The Seven Deadly Sins].

※ This app offer in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device’s settings.
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Download The Seven Deadly Sins APK For Free

You can download The Seven Deadly Sins APK for free. Download the the-seven-deadly-sins-apk.apk file using the links below.

How can you install?

For detailed information, you can read the README.MD file in the apk file.

Download the-seven-deadly-sins-apk.apk

I have given 1 main and 5 alternative download links below for you. You can download it for free using the links.

File Information

  • Category: Mobile Games
  • File Size: 123M
  • File Type: .apk (compressed)
  • File Name: the-seven-deadly-sins-apk.apk
  • Point: 4.21 (568078)

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4 days ago

The game is great for the most part! I took the current survey but it didn't let me point out a frustrating aspect; anytime I might get a reward for watching an ad, the whole thing crashes & must be restarted. This happens at other times but primarily when one gets a reward for watching an ad. Maybe it's just me but that's a surefire street to grumpiness, is watching ads for an gift & getting nothing but a crashed game. So developers, or whomever might read this, any advice to fix this?

Michael Vey
4 days ago

I have not downloaded it on my new phone yet, but when I played on my old one it was fun, but eventually it got updated to a point where it just crashed all the time, and it could not even load to the main menu. I would recommend, if your device is able to support it. Update: Tried the game on my current phone, and it works very well, as good if not better than on old phone when first got the game. As another plus I didn't lose any progress I thought I lost.

Steven Kline
4 days ago

The game works perfectly fine. But there is one thing I have to tell but there is a purple screen that goes into place and then it surrounds the game and it crashes. It needs a fix but if I wanna play it even more, I wanna play it without some purple screen surrounding the game and then it crashes.

Bryce S.
4 days ago

Excellent game, really well made story, excellent graphics. But, it can be frustrating when you can't get good characters, no matter how hard you try if the rates just aren't good one day your stuck. I cannot stress this enough there is a .25% chance to get a SSR oppose to getting a R-SR which is around a 80% chance in my experience (I've also asked a few of my friends who play the game). But you CAN play with any character you like if they're leveled up enough, there isn't really a tier list.

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