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onX Backcountry Hike & Ski Map APK

The onX Backcountry App is your ultimate guide to the outdoors. Whether your adventures find you planning and navigating hiking and backpacking trails or exploring on skis, a splitboard, or a snowboard, onX Backcountry gives you the tools you need to get in and get back—safely, reliably, and confidently.

onX Backcountry turns your phone into a fully functioning GPS navigation system and trail finder with location tracking. View public land boundaries, topo and satellite maps, hiking trails, backpacking trails, recreation sites, camping & rv parks, slope angles, and more.

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Satellite and 24k topo maps
GPS Tracking with speed, distance, and duration for your hikes, ski routes, and more
Custom Waypoints to mark place you want to explore, share, or never forget
Localized weather reports with 7-day forecasts, sunrise / sunset times, snow forecasts, and more
Share your Waypoints and Tracks with friends to coordinate trips or share spots on your favorite hiking and backpacking trails.

Turn your phone into a powerful GPS navigation unit. Save Offline Maps for full access to your maps even without cell service. Track your route while hiking, backpacking, camping, skiing, snowboarding, and more to always know where you are on the map.

While many onX Backcountry features are free, we offer a 7-day free trial to all subscribers. This trial lets you view and use the full suite of features throughout the trial period.

With an onX Backcountry Membership, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the landscapes on which you recreate is simple. An onX Backcountry Membership costs $29.99/year. With a Membership, you’ll have access to all the free features with the additional benefits of:
• Public Land Boundaries: Stay on the right side of the line—and the law. See 985M+ acres of public land classified by agency, including US Forest Service, BLM, State Land, and more.
• Photo Waypoints: Upload photos to an unlimited number of Waypoints. Save memories, help your friends by sharing landmarks like campsites or trailheads, or come up with your own ways of utilizing this feature.
• Avalanche Forecasts and Slope Angles: Choose your routes with safety in mind using the Slope Angle Layer and the nationwide Avalanche Forecast Layer.
• Offline Maps: Save unlimited Offline Maps to your device to access the maps you need when you’re hiking or exploring and cell service is miles behind you.
• Trail Finder and GPS Tracker: Map your next adventure with the most comprehensive trail app by choosing from our industry-leading 650,000 mile network of trails, or pick a featured Adventure to see detailed trail info.
• Guidebook Content: onX Backcountry is a nationwide trail guide in your pocket. Choose from 450,000 points of interest, more than 54,000 campsites, and an extensive list of hiking trail maps.

Want to request new features? Contact us at

Explore your unknown with confidence using onX Backcountry, the all-in-one GPS navigation and guidebook app for hiking, backpacking, camping, trail running, skiing, snowboarding, and backcountry adventures of all kinds. View more than 650,000 miles of hiking trails, 24K topographic maps, and carefully curated guidebook content with more than 450,000 points of interest and campsites to guide you on your next outdoor adventure. Built for trail and snow enthusiasts, outdoor professionals, and lovers of outdoor activities, our tried and tested GPS maps ensure you know exactly where you stand even in the most remote locations— with or without cell service. Turn your phone into the ultimate hiking trail finder and tracker, map directory, outdoor trip planner, and GPS navigation system. Share markups with friends, see localized weather, discover campsites, and access more than 985 million acres of public land with precision.

Download onX Backcountry Hike & Ski Map APK For Free

You can download onX Backcountry Hike & Ski Map APK for free. Download the onx-backcountry-hike-ski-map-apk.apk file using the links below.

How can you install?

For detailed information, you can read the README.MD file in the apk file.

Download onx-backcountry-hike-ski-map-apk.apk

I have given 1 main and 5 alternative download links below for you. You can download it for free using the links.

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  • File Name: onx-backcountry-hike-ski-map-apk.apk
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3 months ago

I am a long-time user of GaiaGps and sometime user of AllTrails. I was hoping to find a new application to address some of the map issues I have with GaiaGps. I liked that the map did not appear to be Open Street Map based and I liked the elevation rate coloring and the general look of the map. But I stopped using it because the onX Backcountry maps are missing too many trails and have errors. When I first bought the subscription, I sent feedback on some missing trails (Google Maps, Gaia, AllTrails OSM all have them) and obvious errors (one trail where one does not exist, a road going through a lake, a road in the ocean). None of these were fixed in the almost a year since I reported them. Having an accurate representation of the actual trails is the most important feature for me. I don’t feel there is sufficient effort in maintaining the map to justify continuing the subscription especially when Gaia and AllTrails have more accurate maps. I really wanted to like this a but I cannot recommend it.

Morgan Gardner
3 months ago

The offline functionality (including tracking movements and creating lines/waypoints, downloading maps, and just how it works offline) is nice, and I like that I can import/export GIS data. But for the price, I'd expect to get a better selection of maps and trails - especially USFS roads/trails that are included in AllTrails, Gaia, etc. for the same price. The features that are included in the different memberships are also misleading - depending on if you get premium or elite, Backcountry, Hunt, or Offroad - it's too compartmentalized and too expensive to get everything I want. Why does Offroad show USFS maps but not Backcountry? Why are property owners colored in Offroad and Hunt but not Backcountry? It's difficult to tell which features you'll get just by looking at the Play Store description - you won't get everything they describe without paying the "elite" price. I wish I'd realized this before paying for a full year subscription.

George Haselton
3 months ago

Maybe takes getting used to but graphics are very crowded and elevations on known locations were significantly different from what App was displaying. I guess this is typical & you can't believe what you're reading compared to properly surveyed paper maps. The rest of the clutter can probably be figured out over time as long as you don't mind staring at a screen instead of the beauty of the mountains

Sas Quatch
3 months ago

Pretty interface, but big issues with functionality, accuracy. Weather pop up is like a virus that won't go away. If offline it won't turn off, it covers much of the screen, voids other menus. Map is poor resolution. The trail colors and graphics are great, but are inaccurately located. I never had my position show close to the trail I was on. I compared directly to other mapping programs that were accurate. The program is far too dependent upon being online for smooth functionality. Needs work

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