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Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes APK

Play engaging quiz-based games (kahoots) at school, at home and at work, create your own kahoots and learn something new! Kahoot! brings the magic of learning for students, teachers, office superheroes, trivia fans and lifelong learners.

Here’s what you can do with the Kahoot! app, now available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Norwegian:

- Join kahoots hosted live - in class or virtually - and use the app to submit answers
- Complete self-paced challenges
- Study at home or on the go with flashcards and other study modes
- Compete with friends in study leagues
- Challenge your friends with kahoots you found or created
- Create your own kahoots and add images or videos
- Host kahoots live for family and friends directly from your mobile device

Families and friends
- Find a kahoot on any topic, fit for any age
- Host a kahoot live by casting your screen to a big screen or screen share via video conferencing apps
- Engage your kids with studying at home
- Send a Kahoot! challenge to family members or friends
- Create your own kahoots and add different question types and image effects

- Search among millions of ready-to-play kahoots on any topic
- Create or edit your own kahoots in minutes
- Combine different question types to increase engagement
- Host kahoots live in class or virtually for distance learning
- Assign student-paced challenges for content review
- Assess learning outcomes with reports

Company employees
- Create kahoots for e-learning, presentations, events and other occasions
- Encourage audience participation with polls and word cloud questions
- Host Kahoot! live in person or in a virtual meeting
- Assign self-paced challenges, for example, for e-learning
- Assess progress and results with reports

Premium features:
Kahoot! is free for teachers and their students, and it’s our commitment to keep it that way as part of our mission to make learning awesome. We offer optional upgrades that unlock advanced features, such as an image library with millions of images and advanced question types, such as puzzles, polls, open-ended questions and slides. To take advantage of these features, users will need a paid subscription.

To create and host kahoots in a work context, as well as get access to additional features, business users will need a paid subscription.

Download Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes APK For Free

You can download Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes APK for free. Download the kahoot-play-create-quizzes-apk.apk file using the links below.

How can you install?

For detailed information, you can read the README.MD file in the apk file.

Download kahoot-play-create-quizzes-apk.apk

I have given 1 main and 5 alternative download links below for you. You can download it for free using the links.

File Information

  • Category: Mobile Games
  • File Size: 66M
  • File Type: .apk (compressed)
  • File Name: kahoot-play-create-quizzes-apk.apk
  • Point: 4.67 (497416)

Download Links

1. Direct Links
WebSite Source Link
Direct Download Direct Click Here
Direct Download 2 Direct Click Here
Direct Download (Proxy) Direct Click Here
Google Drive Alternative Click Here
Yandex Disk Alternative Click Here
pCloud Alternative Click Here
MediaFire Alternative Click Here
Dropbox Alternative Click Here
Mega Alternative Click Here
One Drive Alternative Click Here
Amazon S3 Alternative Click Here


Bullfrog Beats
1 month ago

Great app! I think it's a way more fun and helpful learning tool than generic "learning" tools. It's not just for school, either. You can even use it just for fun to quiz yourself about anything, like your favorite show, or book, but I was winning a Kahoot game, and it started loading for two questions, leaving me in second place.

Ruth Lori Coleman
1 month ago

My students love it. I am going to try it out with my first graders on Monday. I love that it has a picture feature where you place pictures instead of words. There is also a hearing and visual impaired feature but I haven't figured it out yet. I think it is suppose to describe the picture when you hover over it.

1 month ago

I dont like how you get more points for answering faster, and slower at answering you are, less points. I also dont like that since you get more points by answering faster, students usually try to answer as fast as possible, which could cause them to accidentally pick the wrong answer because of reflexes, or they read an answer quickly and misread it. Sometimes the students will notice that they picked the wrong one because said problems, and they have no way of reversing it. Overall I think it is a good app but it lacks fairness and the way of correction.

1 month ago

The app is very useful and has so much promise but it's sooooo glitchy and crashes and freezes everytime I try to use it. No matter what I do, unistall, update, exit and reopen, etc. I just doesn't help. Your'e better off using the website version

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